ASIrri - Cambodia
Irrigation Service Center (ISC) - Building the future of FWUCs


MoU signature press releaseIn Cambodia, the ASIrri project is implemented through a partnership between GRET, an international NGO and CEDAC a cambodian NGO. GRET recruited the project coordinator (international staff) and the operational team. CEDAC recruited the institutional expert and provided some specific expertise.

For the sound collaboration with governement services and local authorities, the project negotiated and signed a Memorendum of Understanding for the project implementation with the Provincial Departement of Water Resource and Meteorology (PDOWRAM) of Kompong Thom. This MoU was signed in October 2009.

The project got also the approval from the provincial governor to open its office in Kompong Thom.

For field activities, the project team meets regularly with local authorities at district and commune levels. All services are provided through contract agreements validated by the local authorities and concerned PDOWRAM. Especially, the communes are key partners for strengthening FWUC management, they play a strong role to mobilize the local communties, but also for funding thanks to the decentralization reforms and the Commune Investment Fund (CIF).

The role of the project is also to support a better coordination between all the local stakeholders in irrigation management.

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