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Stung Chinit North (SCN)

Stung Chinit reservoir

Stung Chinit (North) scheme:

  • Kompong Thom province
  • Santuk district
  • Originally built during Pol Pot regime
  • Rehabilitated by MOWRAM / ADB / AFD between 2001-2008
  • FWUC creation: 2002 with support from GRET - CEDAC team
  • Area 2,400 ha in rainy season rice and ~300 ha in dry season rice
  • Number of farmers: 2,804 families

The ISC team signed 3 service contracts with Stung Chinit North (SCN). Especially, the ISC designed a new accounting system for this FWUC and supported the FWUC to prepare subsidy requests to MOWRAM.

  • Contract 1: Accouting support, database update and other needs for 2009-2010
  • Contract 2:Financial follow-up and other needs for 2010-2011
  • Contract 3: Half time recruitement of ISC staff as FWUC director

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