ASIrri - Cambodia
Irrigation Service Center (ISC) - Building the future of FWUCs

Initial diagnosis & assessment

Kbal Hong Chas gate in PKHAt the beginning of the ASIrri project in 2009, the ISC team visited 23 FWUC in the provinces of Kompong Thom and Kompong Cham in order to assess the potential for developing services.

The team gave particular attention to the following criteria for selecting FWUC or schemes:

  • Schemes at least partially functional with a reliable water source
  • Presence of an active FWUC or an informal farmer group
  • High economic potential, intensive cropping practices, good financial return from irrigation for farmers
  • Absence of serious conflict between water users
  • No other agency provide support
  • Either the FWUC, the commune or the farmers are demanding services and ready to pay for it

The short assessment allowed to identify two first FWUC where a more detailed study was conducted before proposing services: Pram Kumpheak and Teuk Chha in Kompong Cham.

A detail assessment was also conducted for the southern part of Stung Chinit scheme command area (which was not developped under SCIRIP). The investment needed for improving water management was too large for ASIrri project and no partnership with other donor has been available since then.

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