ASIrri - Cambodia
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Support mission and internships

During the course of ASIrri project, several missions provided expertise and advices to the project team:

  • Three technical follow-up mission by GRET Paris
  • One mission by CER France (organized by AFD)
  • Two CEDAC missions for an agricultural study on three irrigation schemes supported by ISC and one mission to write a service manual about reactivating FWUC
  • One training mission about maintenance by Vincent David, an experienced hydraulic engineer who also prepared the maintenance plan for Sdao Kong (see Training on maintenance in Services)
  • One support mission by IRAM for writing manuals and creating this CD-Rom

Two French students made an internship within the project:

  • Fanny Lorgeron, IRC Master student – Montpellier (France) from May to mid-September 2010 conducted a study about  “Designing services to reactivate farmer collective action in irrigation management in Cambodia” in two schemes Pram Kumpheak and Teuk Chha in Kompong Cham.
  • Marion Duffieu, Bachelor of International Business, Reims Management School (France) & University of Technology of Sidney (Australia) from Mid-August 2010 to mid-January 2011 supported the ISC team for “Designing financial management tools and procedures for Farmers Organization”. She worked specifically withthe FWUC of Sdao Kong and with the PUAC.


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