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Sdao Kong (SDK)

Pumping Station

Sdao Kong scheme:

  • Prey Veng province
  • Ba Phnom and Kompong Trabaek districts
  • Originally built during Pol Pot regime
  • Rehabilitated by MOWRAM with French Embassy funding
  • Pumping station with Iary and IIary distribution canals
  • FWUC creation in 2004 with CEDAC support
  • Irrigated area: 265 ha
  • Number of farmers: 215 families
  • Two seasons fo cultivation per year: [November-March] & [March-August]
  • ISF = 300,000 riels/ha/season (180,000 riels if suppl. pumping)

The collaboration with ISC started in May 2010 when the FWUC was nearly bankrupt. ISC wrote a request to MOWRAM and AFD for a functioning subsidy. Since then several contracts have been signed and in general ISC ensures the FWUC accounting follow-up.

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